West Hall

Honors College & West Hall

The Honors residence, West Hall, houses over 200 students each year, held specifically for students admitted to or currently a part of the Honors College. West Hall features suite-style living, complete with several lounges, computer labs, a dining hall and a campus mail facility.  In addition, weekly programs and events are planned for all residents. For more information about living in West Hall, visit the West Hall website. Tutors employed by the Honors College and Honors College Academic Advisors hold drop-in hours in West Hall throughout the school year.

Sackett Hall

Honors College & Sackett Hall

The Honors College within Sackett Hall houses approximately 150 students each year. The majority of these students are in the Honors College, but Honors students are allowed to select this space with a non-honors roommate.  Sackett Hall features walk-in closets, sleeping porches in double occupancy rooms, an extensive main floor lounge, and study space with weekly programming for students.  In addition, Sackett Hall is directly across from the new state-of-the-art Learning Innovation Center (LInC), the new home of the HC. For more information about living in Sackett Hall, visit the Sackett Hall website. Tutors and HC Academic Advisors hold drop-in hours in Sackett Hall throughout the school year.  

The Gem

Honors College & The Gem


A partnership with the Gem was formed in the spring of 2006.  The HC currently has approximately 50 students living in the GEM. The partnership allows the HC to offer furnished apartment-style living just off-campus while allowing the Gem to house academically-focused residents.  Currently the partnership is centered around offering HC students first priority for contracting with the GEM.