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The nearly 4,000 member Honors College and Program alumni community is one of the most active, accomplished and engaged groups of Oregon State University graduates, and we are committed to providing alums with opportunities to connect with one another and with current students. Whether you attend one of the events and meet ups we hold throughout the U.S. each year, come to Corvallis or Bend to discuss your career insights with the next generation of honors students or just follow HC newsletters and social media, we are excited to have you involved.

We want to hear your ideas and input. Reach out to the Honors College Director of External Relations and Operations, Kevin Stoller, with your thoughts at (541) 737-6425 or [email protected].

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In the Oregon State University Honors College, some of the most dedicated, creative, and talented undergraduates in the world become the leaders and change-makers of tomorrow. Innovative classes, unparalleled original research opportunities, and unique community activities engage students from all of the university's undergraduate majors in the practice and art of applying knowledge to real-world problems and building connections between disparate fields and perspectives. Learn more about giving to the HC here.

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