As a member of both the Honors and OSU communities, you have an advisor from your academic major(s) and an advisor within the Honors College. Honors College Academic Advisors are skilled professionals who can help you understand and navigate your HC requirements, including the thesis, as well as assist you with course scheduling, career planning, OSU resources, international opportunities, academic success goals, scholarships, post-graduation plans, and more. 

COVID-19 UPDATE - SUMMER 2021 ADVISING: Honors College academic advisors are here for you, and we encourage you to reach out if you need support or have questions. Academic advising will be held primarily via Zoom and phone, and can be scheduled through the links below or by calling the office.  In-person advising will be limited, and you need to call the office to schedule.  See information and link below. (Updated June 2021)


Incoming Students for Fall 2021

Incoming Honors College students joining OSU from high school or another institution must attend an OSU START session.  During these sessions students will discuss their fall course selections, registration, transfer credits, and Honors College course offerings. Academic advisors will not be able to discuss your fall course options before your START session. Information about START can be found on the New Students Programs & Family Outreach website.

Current OSU students starting with the Honors College this Fall should attend one of the orientation sessions detailed in your emailed acceptance letter before meeting individually with an Honors College academic advisor. If you are unable to attend one of the orientation sessions please contact the Honors College advising office 541.37.6414 or [email protected]


How can I connect with an Honors College Academic Advisor?

You are welcome to meet with any Honors College Academic Advisor. You may choose to work with one advisor consistently, but it is not required. It is recommended that you meet with an advisor once per term, no less than once per year. Advising appointments can last up to 30-minutes and are available throughout the year, including summer. There are different ways to connect with your advisor.

30-minute scheduled appointments

  • Schedule appointments as early as the next business day
  • May request an appointment with a specific advisor or see whomever is available at your preferred time
  • Weeks 6-9 reserved for current HC students only
  • Appointments will be primarily via web conferencing (Zoom) or by phone in Summer 2021
  • We will have in-person appointments available on a limited basis in Summer 2021. You must call the office to schedule. 

You can set up an appointment by calling the advising office 541.737.6414 or Schedule a phone or web conferencing (Zoom) appointment.

Drop-in Hours

You are always welcome to email one of the Honors College Academic Advisors directly with a question. When emailing advisors, please do not send the same message to multiple advisors. Multiple messages create unnecessary delays in addressing your question(s). Send general questions to: [email protected]


Who are my HC Academic Advisors?


Beau Baca
LInC 450
[email protected]

Book an appointment with Beau

Leanna Dillon
LInC 450
[email protected]

Book an appointment with Leanna

Rebekah Lancelin
LInC 450
[email protected]

Book an appointment with Rebekah

Kassena Hillman
LInC 450
[email protected]

Book an appointment with Kassena

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