The HC gives you the opportunity to teach a different kind of class – small, full of highly-motivated students who are intrigued by holistic approaches to problem solving. Their natural curiosity compels them to find creative answers to original questions. They want to be challenged – you can guide them along the way, and get to know them in the process. And HC students are making real contributions to their faculty members’ research projects.

We aim to know all of our students on a first-name basis and encourage HC office visits for casual questions, academic advising appointments, or just to say “hello.” Most of the professors who teach Honors College classes teach in other departments, but take time to teach in the Honors College, giving students the attention and instruction they deserve. Our faculty is comprised of many distinguished members of the OSU campus; we are proud of them and the success of the classes they teach.

An orientation to Honors Teaching is offered every fall and spring term.  The next orientation is Tuesday, October 8th at 4pm in LINC 446.  Please use this link to register.  Email [email protected] if you have questions.