Each year, the Honors College recognizes two Eminent Professors and one Eminent Mentor.  The honorees are selected by a faculty panel for their outstanding contributions to the education and mentorship of Honors students.

Honors College Eminent Professor

Sandy and Elva Sanders Eminent Professor in the Honors College

Margaret and Thomas Meehan Honors College Eminent Mentor

2018-David McIntyre

2017-Patti Duncan

2016-Vincent Remcho

2015-Jon Lewis

2014-Janet Lee

2013-Deborah Pence

2012-Tevian Dray

2011-Kathleen Dean Moore

2010-Bill Bogley

2009-Frank Bernieri

2008-Ken Krane



2018-Marisa Chappell

2017-Kevin Ahern

2016-Michelle Inderbitzin

2015-Bob Paasch

2014-Henri Jansen

2013-Indira Rajagopal

2012-Skip Rochefort

2011-Gary Ferngren

2002-Courtney Campbell

2001-Bill Bogley




2017-David Hurwitz

2016-Viktor Bovbjerg