Each year, the Honors College recognizes two Eminent Professors and one Eminent Mentor.  The honorees are selected by a faculty panel for their outstanding contributions to the education and mentorship of Honors students.

Honors College Eminent Professor

2019-Jim Liburdy

2018-David McIntyre

2017-Patti Duncan

2016-Vincent Remcho

2015-Jon Lewis

2014-Janet Lee

2013-Deborah Pence

2012-Tevian Dray

2011-Kathleen Dean Moore

2010-Bill Bogley

2009-Frank Bernieri

2008-Ken Krane

Sandy and Elva Sanders Eminent Professor in the Honors College

2019-Bob Mason

2018-Marisa Chappell

2017-Kevin Ahern

2016-Michelle Inderbitzin

2015-Bob Paasch

2014-Henri Jansen

2013-Indira Rajagopal

2012-Skip Rochefort

2011-Gary Ferngren

2002-Courtney Campbell

2001-Bill Bogley

Margaret and Thomas Meehan Honors College Eminent Mentor

2018-Jaga Giebultowicz

2017-David Hurwitz

2016-Viktor Bovbjerg