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Corvallis Campus
College of Science
Department of Chemistry
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Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is a spectroscopic method which enables analysis of materials and biological solids with element-specific and chemical-site specific information. The instrumentation for high resolution solid state NMR requires spinning samples at extremely high reorientational rates, ranging from 1-100 kHz (60,000-6,000,000 rpm) or greater, in a process known as magic-angle spinning (MAS). Research in my group involves developing new paradigms for MAS using stereolithography (SLA) resin 3D printing. We are looking for motivated and creative undergraduate students who are interested in making designs in CAD, testing devices, and working on the cutting edge of NMR spectroscopy research. No prior experience in CAD is necessary, but would be a great benefit. Students from any major are welcome to apply, but engineering students may find that these projects will align well with their studies.
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Corvallis Campus Only
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