How can I conduct my midterm exams remotely? 

The Keep Teaching website offers some great options for re-conceptualizing and adapting your traditional exams for the remote environment.  The Remote Teaching Support Team is available 8am-4pm Monday through Friday to assist you in determining which exam method best fits your learning outcomes.

How can I tell how many students attended my Zoom class meeting?  

You can run a User report to measure the attendance for your Zoom class meeting after it has concluded.  The User report provides a complete list of your meeting’s participants, as well as the length of time that they attended the Zoom session.  To run your report, visit and click "Login to Zoom. "Click "Reports" from the left menu options.  Click "Usage." Set the From and To date range to correspond to your course meeting date by clicking the calendar icons.  Click "Search.”  Find your desired class meeting in the list of meetings, click the number listed under the Participants column, for the desired meeting.  A pop-up will appear with the various participant's information.  From here you can select the option to Export the data, or simply copy/paste the information.  We recommend clicking on the box “Show unique users” before exporting or copying your data.

Why are my course Zoom meetings not appearing in Canvas?  

Information Services recently assigned Canvas a new URL ( instead of the old URL:  This means that if faculty created meetings under the old URL, students and faculty using the new URL don’t see them (and vice versa).   Your best bet to ensure that all students are aware of your Zoom meetings—regardless of which Canvas URL they or you use—is to add your Zoom sessions directly onto the course Canvas calendar so that the course meetings will always appear on your students’ Dashboard to-do list and Calendars.  The good news is that you only need to make 1 (or 2) entries into Canvas the calendar and then set them to recur weekly for your weekly (or biweekly) Zoom meetings.  You should also add the Zoom meeting info—including the URL—in the text section of the calendar event.

How do I share my recorded Zoom lectures with my students?

In order for students to see recordings of your Zoom sessions (saved automatically in Canvas in the My Media section), you will need to publish them to your course.  (See below)

How do I publish my recorded Zoom lectures in my Canvas site? 

You have a few different options in Canvas for where to add the media file for your Zoom meeting recording.

1. EMBED Media File within Canvas page. 

You can choose to embed the media file into a page within your Canvas site (many faculty elect to embed their lectures on the “Learning Materials” page within the appropriate weekly module).  If you would like to pursue this option, just head to the Canvas page in which you would like to embed your lecture and click Edit.  When editing a Canvas page, you’ll just need to click on the “embed media” icon (which looks like a strip of film) and wait a minute while Canvas pulls up your MyMedia options.  This guide provides an overview of the process with screen captures.

2. PUBLISH lecture to course Media Gallery. 

You also have the option of making your recorded lecture available to your students through your course Media Gallery, which serves as a nice, one-stop shop for all of your course’s media.   You can publish your lecture to your Media Gallery two different ways.  The simplest way is to start within the appropriate course’s Media Gallery and add content directly.  The second option is to go through MyMedia to make your lecture available in your course’s Media Gallery.  (The second option can be a bit tricky if you have access to multiple Canvas courses since you may have to scroll through dozens of Canvas course names to find the appropriate section.)

Rev. 4/15/2020